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27, Lauva
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Augums>160cm - 170cm
Svars55 - 63 kg
Etniskā piederībaEiropiešu/Kaukāziešu
Kaunuma MatiSkūta
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I am gentle and passionate at the same time, look at me and enjoy
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My zodiac is Leo

Leo woman are full of secrets which gets revealed slowly as and when they get close with their partner. They are full of mysteries which needs to be explored by their partner in the bed. Leo woman takes sex very seriously and they do not consider sex as any form of entertainment or fun but a part of their love life and love making. Leo woman are born with traits of attractiveness and they are almost all pretty woman. So they know how to woo a guy with their beauty and make them hooked to them.

These woman use their feminism and sensuality to give their partner the best s*x in the bed. As much as they enjoy in giving pleasure they also expect their partner to please them with thundering orgasms. These woman also sometimes prefer wild and rough sex with their partner and they are always adventurous and exciting in the bed. 

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Каждому, кто поможет мне подняться в топе, большой плюс в карму
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Очень красивая и прекрасная девушка!!!

psycho path — Artist: Eromatica psycho path — Artist: Eromatica

People often describe me as being authentic, kind, sweet and down to earth. 

I’m very much your everyday woman. I may be shy and reserved at first but I love the process of building a connection with someone new. 

I’m told that I have a gentle touch and excel at building anticipation slowly throughout the course of our date.

Those who enjoy the company of a vibrant woman as much for her mind and soul as for her body. I will, of course, reciprocate in the most delightful ways - leaving you exhausted, energized and wanting for more!

 I promise I’ll take your breath away!

girls lol Sticker by Missguided

Who is an ideal guy for me

“ Game On by Jack Vettriano ”

There is list of some traits... The guy is ideal when he...

💎 Is mature.

💎 Is communicative.

💎 Believes in possibilities.

💎 Patient and can wait until I am ready.

💎 Is knowledgeable.

💎 Is kind.

Of course, I don’t just look for these traits…I also look at their friends and how they view life. Sometimes, little details can tell you big things.

As many say, “Who you are now, affects who you are going to attract. He will be like my reflection in the mirror, but a little bit different.”

I dream about trip to...


With captivating beaches, several scenic golf courses and even a volcano, Maui is almost an otherworldly vacation destination. 

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