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23, Strēlnieks, USA
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Svarīga informācija par LunaLavendre
Seksuālā PriekšrokaHeteroseksuāls
Augums>150 cm - 160 cm
Svars46 - 55 kg
Etniskā piederībaEiropiešu/Kaukāziešu
Kaunuma MatiSkūta
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The idea of you guys watching me and having your fantasies turned into reality. Spoiling me with Wishlist items :)
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Hi lovelies! I am an amateur, I love to turn your fantasies into reality.
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Meanies :(
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Ceturtdiena 10:00 – 14:00
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A Wish List
A Wish List
Thank you for your love and kindness in considering a gift for me. Items are mostly sorted by priority. Items on this list are intended to make me become and be a better cam model for you all as well as personal wishes
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Adopt a Bill
Adopt a Bill
Modeling and Camming are my life. Someimes i live paycheck to paycheck. It would be amazing to breathe sometimes. (I will NOT give out banking or personal information; gifts are accepted through gift cards, sending to my PO Box and transfer through ALL major apps used for this (Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, etc). Electric: $120 Gas: $30 Car: $450 Insurance: $300 Phone: $150 Itunes: $50 Fur Babies: $70 Rent: $650 Lawn: $30 Prescriptions and Doctors: $100 Gas: $90
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Tattoo Fund!
Tattoo Fund!
Craving more ink and being able to express myself through art is something i have a passion for. It's time to finish this sleeve and work on others. This next addition is a rendition of an anxiety piece, something that speaks volumes to me. Email me for support!
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LOVENSE Wishlist!
LOVENSE Wishlist!
Interactive Toys that I can use while camming, solo, or during private shows with you... They even Interact with your tips! LOVENSE has a SUUPPPERRR AMAZING SALE going on right now, so I'm super hopeful! All of these toys are on my Amazon Wish list as well, but do not offer the same discount right now.
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sweetest girl ever