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22, Vēzis, Canada
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Seksuālā PriekšrokaBiseksuāls
Augums160cm - 170cm
Svars46 - 55 kg
Etniskā piederībaEiropiešu/Kaukāziešu
Kaunuma MatiSkūta
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It excites me when a man can and wants his woman
Par mani
Im a cute and sexy brunette want to try me
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Rudeness and Greed
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Love fashionable lingerie

I'm a lover of corsets!!!! Absolutely cannot get enough of them! I have recently started a new love affair with bralettes, especially the strappy, racer backs, and caged cups. But I also must say the teddy and romper and I have been flirting back and forth, but we're still unsure about each others feelings. No moves have been made yet between teddies, rompers and I.

Dream date

For me, an ideal date would be in Paris with someone I feel very comfortable being myself. We have already realized we like each other and we have ease in our communication...

We grab a coffee or tea and chill at some beautiful place listening to music, talking and eating food together.

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Кольцо/ ring
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Самая невероятная девушка

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Oldeuboi (2003) Aliens (1986) American Beauty (1999)